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Identifying and Advancing Novel Pain Drugs Through Preclinical, Clinical Development and Commercialization

July 26, 2023 

Making Progress in the Fight Against Pain: Leaders Unite at 17th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit to Share Latest Research

Leaders from industry, academia and government will come together this October in San Diego, CA for the 17th Annual Pain Therapeutics Summit to share and discuss the latest advances in the quest to develop novel pain therapies. The event, which runs from October 19-20, is a major gathering of experts dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from chronic pain. 

"This event offers an invaluable opportunity for us to showcase vital new research and offer a venue for leaders to collaborate on new approaches that can help those suffering from chronic pain," said John Waslif, the founder and organizer of the event. "We are confident that this year's conference will be a productive one and highlight some significant breakthroughs."

The agenda for this year's conference includes a wide variety of topics related to pain research, such as the development of novel therapeutics, biomarkers associated with pain states, and clinical trial design considerations. The agenda also includes panel discussions on key issues facing pain research today. From ethical considerations to funding challenges and beyond, attendees will have a chance to engage with each other about how best to tackle these complex problems.

In addition to presentations from leading researchers, there will also be opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees. The event provides an invaluable platform for connecting with peers in the field while discussing breakthroughs in pain research.

Dr. William Schmidt, chairperson of the Summit noted: “Our goal is not only to share our knowledge and research but also to build relationships between members of the scientific community so that we can make meaningful progress in developing more effective treatments."

Attendees will have the opportunity to network and engage in panel discussions with world-renowned experts in pain research throughout the two-day event. In addition, several poster sessions will be held where researchers can present their work and receive feedback from their peers.

This year's Pain Therapeutics Summit promises to bring together top minds in academia, government and industry who are passionate about finding solutions for those affected by chronic pain conditions worldwide. With groundbreaking research being presented throughout the two-day event, it is sure to lead us closer than ever before towards developing more effective treatments for those living with chronic pain.

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