October 19-20, 2023 | San Diego, CA

Identifying and Advancing Novel Pain Drugs Through Preclinical, Clinical Development and Commercialization

2023 Summit Speaking Faculty

CHAIRPERSON: <p>William Schmidt, Ph.D.</p>

William Schmidt, Ph.D.


NorthStar Consulting

Sharon Hertz, MD
Sharon Hertz, MDRetired, Director, FDA Division of Analgesia, Anesthesia, Addiction Medicine, and Pain Medicine/Partner

US FDA/Hertz & Fields Consulting

Walter Koroshetz, MD
Walter Koroshetz, MDDirector

NINDS/National Institutes of Health

Suma Gopinathan, Ph.D.
Suma Gopinathan, Ph.D.Executive Director, Clinical Development

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals

Becky Baggett, BS, RAC
Becky Baggett, BS, RACAssociate Vice President, Project Delivery


Mary Ann Pelleymounter, Ph.D.
Mary Ann Pelleymounter, Ph.D.Program Director, NINDS, Division of Translational Research

National Institutes of Health

Neil Singla, MD
Neil Singla, MDChief Scientific Officer

Lotus Clinical Research

Kaitlin Roberson, EdM
Kaitlin Roberson, EdMCo-founder & CEO

Cacti Therapeutics

Jeff Gudin, MD
Jeff Gudin, MDFaculty, Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Management

University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine

Praveen Anand, MD
Praveen Anand, MDProfessor of Clinical Neurology

Imperial College London

Ryan Lanier, Ph.D.
Ryan Lanier, Ph.D.Director, Clinical Development & Abuse Liability

Pinney Associates

Cindy Steinberg
Cindy SteinbergNational Director of Policy & Advocacy

US Pain Foundation

Herman Bazan, MD
Herman Bazan, MDChief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

South Rampart Pharma

Shoshana Lipson
Shoshana LipsonExecutive Director

Hope in Pain

DP Mohapatra, Ph.D.
DP Mohapatra, Ph.D.Program Director for Pain

NINDS/National Institutes of Health

Jeff Reich, MD
Jeff Reich, MDCo-Founder, CEO

Sparian Biosciences

Ram Arudchandran, Ph.D.
Ram Arudchandran, Ph.D.Program Director

National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke, National Institutes of Health

Aakanksha Jain, Ph.D.
Aakanksha Jain, Ph.D.Senior Postdoctoral Fellow

Harvard University

James Hackworth, Ph.D.
James Hackworth, Ph.D.President

Tris Pharma

Judy Ashworth, MD
Judy Ashworth, MDSenior Vice President

Pinney Associates

Todd Bertoch, MD
Todd Bertoch, MDChief Medical Officer

Cenexel JBR

David Roberson, Ph.D.
David Roberson, Ph.D.Co-founder & CEO

Blackbox Bio

Mohammad Samie, Ph.D.
Mohammad Samie, Ph.D.Associate Director - Neurological Disorders

Sangamo Therapeutics

Shariff Bayoumy
Shariff BayoumyCo-founder & Managing Partner

Mebias Discovery

Chris Benko
Chris BenkoCEO & Co-founder

Koneksa Health

Mark Field, Ph.D.
Mark Field, Ph.D.CEO & Co-founder

EptivA Therapeutics

Carl Saab, Ph.D.
Carl Saab, Ph.D.Dir., Pain Science, Tech. & Research (STAR) Lab, Prof., Dept. of Biomedical Engineering & Neurological Institute

Cleveland Clinic, Case Western Reserve Univ.

Josh Blacher, MBA
Josh Blacher, MBAChief Financial Officer

South Rampart Pharma

Marc Lesnick, Ph.D.
Marc Lesnick, Ph.D.Chief Development Officer

Tris Pharma

Ian Orozco, Ph.D.
Ian Orozco, Ph.D.Senior Scientist


Kalpna Gupta, Ph.D.
Kalpna Gupta, Ph.D.Professor, Department of Medicine

University of California Irvine

Kenneth Mackie, MD
Kenneth Mackie, MDDistinguished Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Indiana University

Kathryn DeFea, Ph.D.
Kathryn DeFea, Ph.D.Co-founder & CEO


Smriti Iyengar, Ph.D.
Smriti Iyengar, Ph.D.Program Director, Preclinical Screening Platform for Pain Program (PSPP), Division of Translational Research


Tony Yaksh, Ph.D.
Tony Yaksh, Ph.D.Professor, Anesthesiology and Pharmacology

University of California San Diego

Brian Thomas, Ph.D.
Brian Thomas, Ph.D.Principal Scientist

Empirical Pharmaceutical Services

Ben Vaughn, MS, RAC
Ben Vaughn, MS, RACChief Strategist, Biostatistics & Protocol Design


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